Dr. Val Kolpakov
Toothpaste Items
"Myatnyj" toothpowder.
Myatnyj Toothpowder Click To Enlarge Mint Flavored toothpowder from 1950s USSR.
Tags: USSR, tooth powders, 1950s

Toothpaste Items
Dentocillin toothpowder.
Dentacillin Click To Enlarge Dentocillin toothpowder. This, according to the label, is a tooth powder containing 500 units per gram of crystalline potassium destockmark G and is produced by Andrew Jergens Company of Cincinnati.
Tags: USA, 1950-60s, toothpowder

Toothpaste Items
Have You Ever Tried to Brush Your Teeth With Chocolate?
Chocolate Toothpaste Click To Enlarge Our recent addition to the collection - Hazelnut Chocolate Toothpaste asics set includes toothpaste with a toothbrush and eight individually wrapped chocolate candies. Made in Italy by Regione Piemonte, this toothpaste might taste better than mint or other regular flavors, but it certainly won't prevent you from getting cavities.
Tags: Italy, Exotic Flavors, Gift Sets

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